The Attic Theory

Yes you guessed it right it is the same theory which Jonny Lee Miller as the famous detective Sherlock Holmes explains to his assistant Dr. Joan Watson played by Lucy Liu in the CBS crime drama Elementary. He tells her that he prefers not to listen to the unnecessary and unimportant things as the functioning of his brain is quite similar to an ‘ATTIC’ which can store only limited information and if tried to overload it with useless information then he might lose the important ones. Surely he was only saying it to avoid listening to the boring and sleep inducing things and it is not the way how a human brain functions but nowadays this theory seems to be correct especially for the younger generation who are so involved and engulfed in unimportant and unnecessary things that they just forget the important ones. Sometimes their brain is so full of useless things that they forget something said to them few minutes earlier. It even happened with me when my mother asked me to fetch few things from market. After making a mental note of the list (which had only 4 items) I went to the market and upon reaching there I realized that I forgot 1 of the 4 items and even after thinking hard I could not recollect what it was and had to make a call to my mother. So basically if we don’t stop dumping the unnecessary and waste material into the attic called brain we will keep on losing all the important and necessary stuff in the entire mess and we cannot concentrate and focus completely on our work and daily life. In order to work to our full potential we needattic 1 to keep the storage space (our brain) clean of unimportant things so we can find the important ones almost immediately without the fear of losing them.


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