A Normal Superhero

In our childhood after watching a superhero movie all of us want to be a superhero. Someone with supernatural powers to fight crime and injustice, someone who cannot be defeated, someone for whom even the impossible task seems like a walk in the park. My favorite superhero was Spiderman, his rubber outfit, super strong and flexible web that can even hold the weight of the falling car and those somersaults in the air which could make even the finest gymnast look like an amateur. Such was the craze for superheroes that I convinced myself of possessing telekinetic powers and so would try to pick up a glass of water with nothing but just the brain power only to discover that even after 5 minutes of concentration and focus the glass didn’t move an inch but that never disheartened me. I used to try to generate the cool Astras used by Arjuna (a Hindu mythology character) in the Kurukshetra war by chanting something only to find out that nothing happened. These failures made me wonder if these superheroes actually exist.? If yes, then where are they.? How do they get their powers.? Is it possible for me to get those powers.? Will I ever become a superhero.? And after all these years I think I found my answer. A superhero is not just a person who can fly or can run faster than air but also a person who could give hope and optimism, peace and prosperity to the world, a person who could bring smile on others face. Today we need more of such normal superheroes, in fact we all have that superhero within us and if we are able to bring it out then we don’t need any other supernatural, superpower possessing superhero to look up to but we can proudly say that yes I am a superhero a Normal Superhero.


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