Money or No Money….

Ever since I understood the concept of money the only thing I ever wanted to be was super rich because of all the luxuries, power, fame and yes company money brings with it.Whenever my father used to say its my hard earned money don’t waste it I used to wonder how hard really it can be to earn money one just has to show up for work and that is it. money-05

Today its been around 5 years since I started earning and I have learnt 2 things about money. First it is very difficult to earn money (may be I am in a wrong country, wrong profession or I don’t know the easy way) and secondly every problem and almost 90-95% crime involves money, still we all want more and more of it. The one who has less is worried to earn more and the one who has more is worried for its safety and wants even more, to sustain the lifestyle he is habitual of now. Families fight and break because of it. People fight with their parents and then with their siblings only for money and in the end are left with nothing but money. People kill each other for money, so if money is evil then why do we need it so much? why do we keep looking for it everywhere?. The answer is because nothing in this world is free, even the basic necessities like education, food, shelter and medical facilities demand money and more money you provide the better the facilities are and one can live without luxury, big car, jewellery etc. but cannot live without these basic things. So should we surrender ourselves to this necessary evil and become its slaves.? Well that is in our own hands. I think when we have more than what we need we should build a longer table not a higher fence i.e. rich people should contribute towards building a better society. They should help weaker and underprivileged sections of the society by providing them with employment, cheap food, shelter and medical facilities and also education for their children, by doing this crime can be reduced to some extent as poor people would be getting what they need and also the satisfaction which the rich people would get is beyond comparison.

In the end what matters is a better society with equal rights and equal basic facilities for every citizen and for this we all should contribute and work, which in turn leads us towards achieving inner peace because no money can buy it and is the most important thing to lead a happy and healthy life.


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